In this livestream, Mike walks through a FREE and EASY tool to help your TPT Blog Posts go viral. This is your unfair advantage to compete against other TPT sellers using human psychology!

Here is the free Monster Insights Headline Analyzer tool used in the video!

  • That page has the three word banks to help you add power words, emotion words, and uncommon words to your TPT blog post titles
  • This is the same tool that’s available in the Monster Insights plugin. (When you use the Monster Insights plugin, it automatically gives you the score in the TPT Blog WordPress dashboard – so you don’t have to switch screens.)
Watch on YouTube (TPT Blog Help Desk Episode #5)

Questions? Ask in the YouTube comments!

If your TPT blog is on SEOT Hosting, here’s how to use the Headline Analyzer tool!

You can find the word bank here:

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