Finally, WordPress Hosting dedicated to meet the needs of TPT Sellers

Start with a $99 budget-friendly TPT website .

Drive organic Google search traffic to your TPT products.

Boost your TPT SEO with more sales.

No Contract
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Beat the Teachers Pay Teachers (TPT) Search Algorithm

Have the pageviews and sales on your TPT store dropped?

Reach teachers searching for the topics of your TPT products on Google

Nurture relationships with them and send them to your TPT store

Rank higher in TPT SEO Search Results.

Reach teachers searching for the topics of your TPT products on Google

The TPT Marketplace is only one way to find customers.

Create strategic content on your website targeting high volume, low competition keywords relevant to the topics of your TPT products.

Build a WordPress website for your TPT business and bring your own customers to your TPT products.

Increase TPT sales by ranking higher on Google.

Nurture relationships with your customers and send teachers to your TPT store

Start building content on your own land (domain).

Build a community of raving fans who love what you create on TPT.

Capture their email addresses on a mailing list. Send qualified traffic to your TPT product pages.

If you ever decide to leave TPT, you simply point the links on your page to your new storefront.

Our goal at SEOTpreneur is to create free content and affordable tools for TPT Sellers that you can’t get anywhere else.

Here’s what other TPT sellers are saying about us on YouTube

This offer is for serious TPT sellers only.

Selling on TPT is not a get-rich-quick scheme.

Let’s be honest. This won’t be easy. Some of us won’t succeed because we’ll give up along the way.

But, for those of us who stay focused and stick with the process, it will be worth it.

Who should start a WordPress website for their TPT store?

You want to future-proof your TPT business and build on your own land
You are a TPT hamster (or higher) and you have a TPT product that is a tree (or higher)
You are willing to do keyword research and write ongoing content on your TPT website

$99 WordPress websites


$99.00 per year

$8.25 per month
$10 per month
  • 1 website
  • Free lifetime .com domain name*
  • Shared WordPress Installation (on the network)
  • Shared power cubes
  • Pre-defined plugins and Themes
  • No access to install additional plugins or themes
  • Google Analytics Monster Insights plugin – free version
  • SEO Tools: All In One SEO plugin – free version

Why, yes, we provide Managed WordPress hosting, Elite SEO tools and Pro Data Analytics – exclusively for TPT Sellers

All prices are in USD, paid annually.

The following SEOT Hosting plans are NOT shared hosting plans.

They are virtual hosting plans with dedicated server resources. One SEOT Hosting power cube has 0.5 GB of dedicated RAM for your TPT website.



($21.50 per month)
$25 per month

1 website
Free LIFETIME domain name*
Dedicated WordPress (single-site)
Install any plugin or theme
All In One SEO (ELITE) with SEO Statistics**
Value: $299.60
Monster Insights PRO with Advanced analytics**
Value: $199.50
1 cube of sugar
(can only handle a few plugins)
0 sessions with Mike


($33.25 per month)
$40 per month

Unlimited sites
Free LIFETIME domain name*
Dedicated WordPress (multi-site)
Install any plugin or theme
All In One SEO (ELITE) with SEO Statistics**
Value: $299.60
Monster Insights PRO with Advanced analytics**
Value: $199.50
2 cubes of sugar
(can handle several plugins)
TWO (2) thirty-minute Private Zoom sessions with Mike ($100 value)


($54 per month)
$65 per month

Unlimited sites
Free LIFETIME domain name*
Dedicated WordPress (multi-site)
Install any plugin or theme
All In One SEO (ELITE) with SEO Statistics**
Value: $299.60
Monster Insights PRO with Advanced analytics**
Value: $199.50
4 cubes of sugar
(can handle e-commerce or membership plugins)
FOUR (4) thirty-minute Private Zoom sessions with Mike ($200 value)

*Get one free lifetime domain name (.com) – We’ll cover your annual domain registration fees as long as you register your domain name with us and you have an annual hosting plan with us.

**The All In One SEO (ELITE) premium plugin and Monster Insights premium plugin require you to become a TEACHERpreneur.VIP design customer for $16.00. This promotion covers only ONE site with ONE domain. If you have a multisite WordPress installation with multiple sites, please note you will need to purchase additional licenses if you want to activate AIOSEO and Monster Insights on those other domains.

How does SEOT HOSTING compare with BlueHost, SiteGround or other WordPress web hosting companies?

SEOT Hosting plans (basic and higher) provide dedicated server resources for your TPT blog or TPT website.

The cheapest plans you’re looking at on Blue Host and Siteground do not.

Those cheap plans on Blue Host and Siteground are “Shared Hosting Plans.”

Shared hosting is when you have a computer server with a certain amount of resources (like RAM.) You then set up a bunch of websites on this server.

TPT sellers who are new to setting up a WordPress website don’t realize why this is a problem.

Basically, your TPT blog or website is on a shared server with a hundred other websites. Sometimes your website will be fast. Other times it will be slow. Why? Because you’re sharing the server resources with other websites on the server.

If you run a website that requires a lot of resources and computing power (i.e. having an entire class of students log in at the same time, or running an e-commerce site like Woo Commerce,) Blue Host and other companies will throttle your site.

This means your website will load incredibly slow because it needs more resources than the shared hosting server can provide.

If you’re not sure how much server power your shared hosting plan has, try asking your WordPress web hosting company how much RAM is available on the server, how much RAM is dedicated for each site, how many websites are on the server, how many PHP workers are on the server, and if they will throttle your website if your TPT website needs too many resources (i.e. you’re running heavy e-commerce or membership WordPress plugins.)

SEOT Hosting has partnered up with WPMU DEV hosting.

WPMU DEV hosting provides us with the infrastructure to give teachers sites with dedicated server resources – this is done by virtually carving up a physical computer server into separate compartments.

Each SEOT Hosting plan is on a separate virtual hosting server which means you’re guaranteed access to a certain number of cores, RAM, and PHP workers.

Your SEOT HOSTING website is never throttled – whatever resources are available on your virtual hosting environment is what your TPT blog or website has available.

If you need more computing power, then you need to increase the number of RAM / other resources allocated to your TPT website. You can do this by upgrading your SEOT Hosting plan.

Being on a shared web host isn’t always bad. But it’s unpredictable when you have noisy neighbors.

Imagine you have a computer and you’re using Microsoft Word. The program probably works fine!

Now, open up Excel, PowerPoint, 20 tabs on Google Chrome, Adobe PDF reader, while downloading a bunch of movies from Netflix. How fast does Microsoft Word run now?

The answer is, it depends on how good your computer is (processor, amount of RAM, etc) and how many programs you open up.

Shared web hosting business model works by cramming in a bunch of websites onto a single server.

Each individual website can run fine… but as different websites use more or less resources, your website might slow down (or not load) depending on what the neighbouring websites are doing.

Stay tuned.

Both SEOT Hosting and Bluehost offer Managed WordPress Hosting.

Managed WordPress Hosting means all you have to worry about is using WordPress. You don’t have to worry about installing WordPress or managing the underlying server software on the computer.

SEOT Hosting doesn’t offer any shared hosting plans. (We offer plans with dedicated server resources.)

In order to get dedicated resources with Bluehost, you’re looking at a Virtual Private Server. (So when you contact Bluehost support and ask to upgrade to a more powerful server, a VPS will be one suggestion.)

  • The Bluehost Standard VPS plan with 2 cores and 2 GB RAM is equivalent to the SEOT Hosting – e-commerce / membership plan which has 2 cores and 2 GB RAM. (2 GB of RAM is 4 power cubes)
  • Please note that the Bluehost VPS plan is not a Managed WordPress Hosting plan. So you will have to configure the server yourself, install WordPress and hire a system developer to make sure the VPS server is updated, secure and optimized.

How does the LIFETIME free domain name work?

Yes, you get a free .com domain name as long as you pay for an annual plan on SEOT Hosting.

For clarity, we will cover the $12 USD fee it costs us to register your domain name, but you don’t have to pay anything extra because it’s included in our annual fee for WordPress hosting (and we just want to get you started!)

Domain names are an annual recurring fee. You have to pay a domain name registrar (like SEOT Hosting) once a year to own (technically “rent”) that domain.

Most of our web hosting competitors offer a “free domain”… for the first year. Then, you have to pay the annual fee (and any extra charges they add like WHOIS Domain Privacy)

Right now, to help new TEACHERpreneurs, we’re offering founding members a “lifetime free domain.” This means, as long as you have an annual plan with us and your domain name is registered by us, we’ll cover your domain registration fees.

If you cancel your annual webhosting plan, then you will have to renew your domain name at the regular price. (You can also transfer your domain name to another domain name registrar.)

No problem. You can continue to pay to keep your domain where it is! Just change your DNS so it points to your WordPress site on our servers.

Alternatively, you can transfer your domain so it’s registered by SEOT Hosting. In that case, we cover the annual cost of the domain name registration. (And we’ll do the technical DNS setup so that your domain name points to your WordPress site!)

Nope. If you already have a domain name, you don’t need to get another one.

(You can if you want to, but you need a STANDARD plan (or higher) to be able to use multiple domains on your multisite WordPress installation.)

FYI: The annual plan costs you the same whether or not you use the free .com domain name for your TPT Business Website.

We just want to help TEACHERpreneurs get started (so if you don’t have to worry about buying a domain name, it’s one less thing you have to figure out.)

A STARTER and BASIC plan can only have one domain. (Single Site WordPress Installation)

A STANDARD plan and higher can have as many as you want. (Multi-Site WordPress Installation)

Want a free trial?

Check out the SEOTpreneur PRO membership

It offers the STARTER SEOT hosting plan for $10 per month

Plus, it comes with a 7-day free trial so you can see what WordPress is all about.

Once you’re happy with what you get, just come back here for an annual plan (and get a free .com domain name!)