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SEOT Hosting is currently under development

Our goal at SEOTpreneur is to create affordable TPT seller tools that we use ourselves.

We are currently in public Alpha

update: Dec 17, 2023

  • We have around 10+ TPT Sellers on SEOT hosting
  • We are currently training our SEOT hosting support staff to respond to support tickets
  • If you purchase an SEOT hosting plan now, you are grandfathered into that plan and will renew at that rate (even if the price for new sign ups increases.)

Pre-Alpha Development

We are making the product as we speak. I’m figuring out a way to take what I do with my WordPress TPT seller sites

Alpha Development

The first draft of the product is done. This is where we test, revise and edit the product until we have a polished product. (Basically, the point that a strong student would consider their work “finished” and they hand it in.)

Beta Development

This is where we take our “finished” product and then get feedback from other people and fix errors we didn’t know existed. It’s a soft launch (like in Oceans 13)

Public launch

We’ve created an easy and budget-friendly way for TPT sellers to set up their TPT blogs and websites to increase their TPT earnings.

Now we work on improving the product.