SEOT Hosting is only open to Mike’s clients and is not available to the general public. You can become a client by becoming an SEOTpreneur PRO member and / or using the TEACHERpreneur.VIP service. All prices are in USD

All of our annual plans include 1 FREE lifetime* domain name (.com) and 1 paid license** for All In One SEO and Monster Insights to give you an unfair advantage in ranking on Google.

*Get one free lifetime domain name (.com) – We’ll cover your annual domain registration fees as long as you register your domain name with us and you have an annual hosting plan with us.

**Paid premium licenses for All In One SEO, Monster Insights, Link Whisper, and WP Activity Log require you to become a client. This promotion covers only ONE site with ONE domain. If you have multiple sites / domains, you will need to purchase additional licenses if you want to activate AIOSEO, Monster Insights, Link Whisper, or WP Activity Log on those other sites / domains.